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As the founding team behind a women’s health brand, we spend all day, every day talking to friends, doctors, celebs, and YOU about every aspect of being a woman – from our periods to our paychecks (and how we’d prefer them to be equal to our male colleagues, thank you very much). While we love talking tampons, we realized, we’ve got more to say!

And so, The Broadcast was born! We are creating the ultimate destination for information on women’s health, tips for living a healthy and balanced life, and a place to share our conversations with trailblazing women we admire.


LOLA Founders Alex Friedman and Jordana Kier

LOLA Founders Alex Friedman and Jordana Kier

About LOLA
We try to be healthy – we eat right and exercise (well… most of the time!). When we found out that feminine care brands — yes, those same brands we’d been loyal to for years and years — aren’t required to disclose exactly what’s in their products, it made us wonder: what’s in our tampons? If we care about the ingredients in everything from our food to our face cream, this shouldn’t be any different.

LOLA is a new feminine care brand, founded for women, by women. LOLA offers organic cotton tampons, pads, and liners via a flexible and convenient subscription service. A better month awaits you, learn more at www.mylola.com.

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